Ellie and Mac

Be Trendy Halter Top

As soon as Samantha saw this emoji fabric posted in a (dutch) fabric facebook group she begged me to get it. I manage to snag a piece during one of the auctions and she was over the moon and I won me some Mama points! 😉

This was about a month ago and since then she’s been anxiously waiting for me to find the perfect pattern to use it with.
I finally found it: The Be Trendy Halter Top by Ellie & Mac!

The fabric is pretty loud, so a halter top was a great way to use it and not feel like it’s too much! The black ties and band help to tone it down a little bit as well.
Can you tell by the smiles how much she loves it?

This top is so easy and fast to put together, and it’s fully lined! I love the high v-neck and long ties!

The next one I’ll make reversible.
The plan is to add a little to the length of the top, omit the waistband, fold the edges towards the inside and topstitch with a stretch stitch. Tadaaaa, reversible Be Trendy Halter! 😀 If you try it before I do, let me know how it turns out! 😉



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