Crimson Dress

Crimson Dress

Crimson comes first in the song, but here on the blog I got the order reversed… 😛

Crimson makes my ruffle loving heart flutter!
It’s such a pretty and feminine design, good for any occasion.

The pattern comes with 4 sleeve options (long, 3/4, short and sleeveless) and with 2 length options (tunic and dress).

You could easily make it a maxi as well, but just be aware that it’s a circle skirt, so it would take a LOT of fabric. It’d be fabulous though…. (putting it on my got to make it one day list!).

I made the sleeveless tunic option.
It turned out so cute! So flirty and girly, it just makes me smile.

The suggested fabric for this pattern is knit with at least 50% stretch.
I used a rayon knit as my main and a mystery knit for the accents (it’s like a lightweight french terry).

I love the clean finish of a lined bodice neckline! IMO it give a more polished look to the piece. Not to mention more stability! 😉

This silhouette has so many possibilities… It can be an every day type of shirt or it can be a gorgeous party dress, depending on what options and what fabrics you choose.

And if you’re a master at mixing prints and colors (looking at you, Fabulous Florence Taylor!), the sky is the limit!

I didn’t add height to this bodice because the rayon drapes really well and I like where the waist hits me, but if I use a more stable knit for my next one, I’ll definitely add the 2 extra inches, so the skirt start a little lower.

I’m thinking my next Crimson needs to be a sleeveless dress… and that I need to order more bengaline. I must have a circle skirt made with that fabric!

And maybe another top length one with long sleeves as well, in a thicker fabric! And some with mixed prints when I learn those Jedi ways…. 😉

CRIMSON DRESS – George+Ginger


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  1. Wow Livia, that looks soooooo good on you! Your fabric choices are perfect for that pattern, and the style suits you really well. I’m NOT a ruffly kinda gal, but that one gets my attention.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much, Yvette! <3

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