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The Clio *Level Up* pattern – George+Ginger

I’m SO HAPPY to be writing this post!

The Clio is an add-on bodice to our best-selling Mix It Up pattern–it works with all of the fabulous skirts in the MIU!  This fully lined, fitted bodice features a unique criss-cross front and a flattering waistband.

This pattern has been in the works for a while and it has even been canceled at a certain point in the process.

The reason it was canceled was that it was being difficult to get the same fit across all the sizes, without some testers having to make extra adjustments to the pattern.

The adjustments needed were different from tester to tester, and Kristi is super conscientious about having a great fit and isn’t afraid of nixing an idea/project if it doesn’t work perfectly and gets great results across the board. And this is what happed with Clio at first.

It’s just a silhouette that needs to be custom fitted.

The thing is… we are all different shapes and sizes. And if you think about it, every pattern we make should be custom fitted. But the knit patterns that we know and love usually let us get away without making a muslin first, but making one should really be more of a norm. It’s the only way to make sure we have the best possible fit we can.

Anyways… 😉
That’s how the G+G new Level Up patterns were born!

Ok, but what is a Level Up pattern?

Kristi has posted a long and detailed explanation in the FB GROUP, so I’ll try to go for the cliff notes here.

Level Up patterns will include:

  • Muslin instructions – separate instructions that walk you through each step for fitting purposes. Quick and easy!
  • Information guides on types of fabrics with finished examples of what one type will look versus another;
  • Important information for before you even cut your fabric that goes beyond the typical grading/shortening/lengthening;
  • An adjustment guide broken down to each are of the bodice so you can easily reference any area you have a particular concern about. As with all the other sections, it is step-by-step illustrations and photos. These detailed adjustments are specific to THIS design and unique pieces;
  • TESTER CONFESSIONALS – To give you an idea of what the adjustments look like before and after. (Most testers that used the suggested fabric made little to no adjustments) However, it will give you an idea of what to expect if trying out different types of material and content.


For the most part, I didn’t have issues with this pattern, but wanted to share a couple of my muslins with you.
All the fabrics I used were 2way stretch and followed the pattern suggestions, except for one.

With this red one, the fit was perfect but you can see I need more length on the side waist.

My waist is 1″ longer than what the patter is drafted for and I need to adjust accordingly.

On this next one I adjusted the side waist length, but I used a very stretchy 4way fabric.

You can see how it’s a bit looser than it’s intended for, and even how now it’s actually too long. That was only an inch added to the pattern, but the difference is huge.

It’s amazing how fabric choice makes such a difference on how the garment will fit. The only difference between these two is the 1″ extra on the bodice length, but they look like totally different sizes!

Ok, enough techical talk… let me show you the pretties! haha

1 – Glitz & Glamour

I’ll start with a bang with this red sequined velvet one!
I’m so in love with it… It’s fabulous and it has nowhere to go, but I can stroll around the house feeling amazing in it, right? lol

It’s paired with the MIU’s fitted skirt and lined with Ponte. Both fabrics together gave the perfect structure and stability the Clio needs.

2 – Fun & Flirty

So perfect for summer!
I paired it with the 1/2 circle skirt. This one has a more romantic feel to it.
I love it how not only fabric changes the fit so much, it gives the same bodice a completely different vibe. The fabric used was Piquet Jersey, it’s on the light side of medium weight, but it’s very stable and a 2-way stretch.

I used the same fabric for main and lining.
Ah…. I’d been missing my yellows! This color always makes me happy!

3 – Tank Time

I used the fitted skirt as a guide to make it a top length. LOOOOOVE it!
This brings the CLIO to a more every day clothes range and I’m here for it.

The fabric is Ponte and it’s perfect for this pattern.
And you know what’s great about Clio? You can wear it BACKWARDS!

4 – Yes, another Top! 😉

I used a fabric called Classic Jersey for this one, but it has the same properties of the fabric of the yellow dress… 2-way and very stable.

I love the I-have-my-shit-put-together look of this outfit. Fake it till you make, right? LOL

I made this one especifically to pair with my Campfire pants, so I made it shorter and left the hem unfinished (only serged) to reduce bulk when tucked in.

Here’s how it looks the other way around:

I like the blue one reversed and this checkered one as per pattern! haha is that weird?

So, what do you think? Do you love Clio as much as I do?
If you do, please don’t be intimidated by the adjustments and the idea of making a muslin. Once you get the fit down it’s a super easy and quick pattern to make!

THE CLIO *LEVEL UP* – George+Ginger


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    each and every one of these is gorgeous!! thanks for sharing!

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