December Dress


This dress blew everyone’s mind during testing!
A lot of testers, me included, were a bit skeptical of how it would fit those of us with generous hips. I mean,  a silhouette that poofs out right at the area I’m always trying to make it appear smaller… what?

But the dress looked so amazing on Kristi that I had to give it a go. Lo and behold it’s super FLATTERING! And I mean on everybody. 

The dress features a drop pocket and has multiple options:

  • 4 sleeve types: sleeveless, cap, 3/4 and long;
  • 3 lengths: tunic, mini and dress.

I made the sleeveless mini. I think that for my hips this is the most flattering option. The tunic will end at my widest point and that’s never a good thing and the dress will poof out right below the widest part of my hips and that’s also not a really good look for me.

I love how deep these pockets are!

The “poofiness” of the dress is really dictated by what fabric you use, so it’s easy to adjust accordingly to your wishes. 

The fabric I used is a very stretchy woven I bought in Brazil on our last trip. I have no idea what it’s called though. It’s a bit structured and lightweight, so it gives a good amount of poof to the dress. If you use a more drapey fabric, the dress will hang closer to your body.

The Cold Snap Coat is the perfect companion to this dress in winter. Such a stylish look… love it!
My blog post about the coat can be found HERE.



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