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Favorite Sweater – French Terry

It’s always great when a pattern is so versatile that you can get totally different style pieces from it.
That’s the case with the Women’s Favorite Sweater by Ellie and Mac.

My first one is made with a sweater knit and the shawl/cowl option and tunic length. This second one was made with French Terry and is top length, with bands on the shoulders and hem edge.

The Unicorn fabric I had originally bought for my daughter.
I was super excited when I managed to snag it at an online auction from a dutch fb fabric group, only to find out later on that she didn’t like it!

Oh, well… Mama likes it! haha

I love the fit of this top, and without the cowl it’s easier to wear under a jacket, so when the days get cooler this one will probably be worn more often.



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