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Gather Together Sweater

Who doesn’t love a good cardigan?
Petite Stitchery released the Gather Together Sweater this week and it’s a must have!

It comes with a ton of options and it’s super versatile! You probably know by now that these are magical words for me. 😉

The pattern comes with the following options:

  • Short or Long sleeves;
  • Top, Tunic or Dress lengths;
  • optional gathered waist with tie, and curved hem.

Something for everybody!

I must say that this one depends a lot on what fabric you use. If you use something light weight it will have a more “home lounging” look, which is totally fine and amazing because who doesn’t love a good and comfortable house dress/cardi?

Fabric I used is Ponte and I really love the results. This one is fun to wear different ways, but knotted is my absolute favorite.

It’s sassier and younger… Ha! Middle life crisis anyone? lol

Straight down is pretty as well, but not really my favorite style in this case.

The Gather Together features a dolman sleeve, and it’s super fast and easy to make! I think that for my next one I want a short sleeved one, and probably wont bother putting on snaps or buttons and just used it knotted over tank tops in spring. How cute is that?

For now I’ll rock this one while dreaming of warmer days to come! 😉

Want to get cozy in a Gather Together as well?


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