My Posh Skull

Posh Top & Skull Cut File

Oh my…
I don’t think I’ve ever loved a t-shirt so much!

The new Sewing Skulls Cut Files by George+Ginger are so freaking Cool! Have yo seen them yet?

36 different hairstyles to choose from and represent our hardcore sewists souls! 😀

I was super sad that I wouldn’t be able to join on this fun, as I still don’t have a plotter, but fellow tester Shardee was super amazing and cut one for me! YAY! Thank you so much, Shardee!!! <3

My skull choice was number 14, because it matches my normal hairstyle. Now I have one more reason to get it together and actually make it to the hairdresser to have a cut. (It’s been ages!)

Ok, so let’s talk about how amazing this t-shirt is!
Well, technically, it’s not really a t-shirt… it’s more than that, it’s the Posh Top! I hacked it a bit to give it a t-shirt look and keep the amazing fit it has.

Mods made were:

  • Eliminate the high neckband and use a regular sized neckband instead;
  • Used 2 shorter trim pieces;
  • Used the sleeves from the Swagger Sweater for a more fitted look.

That’s it!

My favorite shirt ever!
The CL I used comes from Stof-inc and it’s super soft and comfy to wear.

I really need to get myself a plotter, because I need all the “Posh Skulls” in all the colors! To match me every time I change my hair. lol

If you’re not familiar with the Posh Top, it’s a gorgeous style that makes you feel all fancy schmancy 😉 Here’s the first one I’ve made, paired with a high waisted skirt. I still love this look so much! <3



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