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Grunge & Goth Collection – George+Ginger

GG’s Grunge Collection is live!
I have never been so excited about a pattern release as I am for this one. Not only it’s a refreshing change of pace, but it’s also a great way to reminisce and celebrate my teenage years.

Life has been crazy for the past months… The end of 2019 threw me for a loop and it got me into a sewing funk. I withdrew from online life and didn’t even look at my machines for weeks.

This testing re-lit the fire and got me into my regular sewing rhythm and that makes it even more special for me.

I got so excited about the theme and style of the collection that I jumped right in and tested all of it. 😀

6 new patterns and 1 pattern update… what a marathon!
What FUN! I really had a blast making the pieces, styling, and photographing them. It really felt like a breath of fresh air.

So… let’s talk about the pattern, shall we?


The Rave Shirt got updated to the new size chart and is now available from size Tween 12 to 5XL. It’s such a good staple piece for your not-so-basic fitted top. It was the perfect companion for the new patterns as it fits right into the layered look we all loved back then!

I stuck with the Scoop neck during the testing, but after seeing what my fellow testers made, I definitely need all the other options in my wardrobe as well!

I’m obsessed with the pleather one! It’s the piece I never knew I needed but can’t live without anymore.


Teen Spirit Top!

This dolman style top is one of the most basic pieces of the collection, but one that couldn’t be missed. It has a lot of options, giving it a ton of possibilities. I love the oversized relaxed fit of it!

Now that I’m actually selecting and posting pictures I realized that I kinda stuck with some of the options and didn’t diversify as much as I had planned. The thing is… the pieces were flying off the machine and I was so excited that I didn’t really sit down and plan it thoroughly. Next in line is definitely one with a neckband instead of a hood. Samantha also put on a request for a ton more, so I’m sure the variations will come soon lol.


Malibu Dress!

This is the other knit pattern of the collection. One of the easiest, more simple pieces to make. It’s really a must-have for a Grunge collection! I think that most of us who were teenagers in the ’90s have worn this time of dresses. This one brought back memories for sure!

This is another staple for any occasion and wardrobe. It’s so flattering on everyone, super comfortable and highly flexible when it comes to styling. I couldn’t resist my hacking ways and made a Malibu top to go with my Everlong pants and LOVE it!


Seether Skirt!

Seether is a woven skirt pattern with a zip closure and comes with two different options: Pleated or Color Blocked Circle skirt. They are both mini lengths but that is easily adjusted if you’d prefer a longer hemline.
If you are new to wovens, this is a great first project!

My daughter is absolutely over the moon with this entire outfit. She said it’s the best thing I’ve ever made for her! The black skirt on the left is actually made with a zero stretch scuba like knit. This was one of the very first fabrics I’ve ever bought and I have been hoarding it ever since because I couldn’t find the perfect pattern for it… until now! I love love loooooove it.


Everlong Pants!

Now we are entering favorites territory… I’m utterly and completely in love with these pants! It’s meant woven fabrics with no stretch and features back darts, box pleats on the front, cropped length and optional pockets. Everlong has plenty of ease through the hips and it’s not meant to be fitted. The pattern is truly amazing! It comes with grading instructions and marking for waist, hips, thighs, calves, and inseam.

Super tip: Measure yourself right before starting your project!

This is another hack I couldn’t resist! I made Everlong shorts (4.5″ inseam) and it’s just as amazing as the pants. If I’m being honest, this is a style I always shied away from because I believed it wouldn’t suit me. I’ve always been self-conscious about my hips and tried to hide/disguise it as much as I could. Since I started this sewing journey I’ve embraced the curves (up to a point… insecurity’s ugly head peaks through every now and then) and just choose to ignore all the rules I had for myself and my wardrobe. Enter: plaid woven pants and shorts! <3 Thanks G+G for helping me push my boundaries.


Paranoid Flannel Shirt!

What grunge collection could be complete without this 90s staple? A slouchy oversized flannel shirt was the best wardrobe piece/accessory! As a shirt, as a layering piece, as a “belt”…. we had so many ways to rock one!
I clearly remember my favorite one… it was a green and black plaid and I’ll keep scavaging fabric shops until I can find something similar to reproduce it!

I’ve been living in this one ever since I’ve made it. My husband even asked me if I’m not making more of them… he’s probably tired of seeing me wear the same thing over and over again. LOL


Zombie Jacket!

And the pièce de résistance… the Zombie Jacket!
A woven moto-style jacket that fits like a glove? Am I dreaming? The jacket is fully lined and features optional zip side pockets, as well as an attached belt closure.

This one really has me giddy. I’m so freaking proud of my jacket!!! Thanks to a sewing friend that lives in my town (shoutout to Dimfi! <3) I was able to score this purple faux leather for a bargain just in time to make the Zombie. I’m already working on my second one!
Truth be told, I struggled with the fabric… it was a pain to topstitch it! Walking foot, roller foot, Teflon foot… I went through them all! In the end what did the trick was using a piece of scotch tape on the bottom of the Teflon foot. It really helped the fabric glide through without sticking.


Start Stuck

I just had to mention this one here as well because it matches perfectly the Grunge and Goth vibe! This is still one of the coolest patterns I’ve ever seen!

Are you as amazed by this collection as I am?

The cool thing about it is that even if Grunge isn’t your thing, every single piece can be incorporated into any style wardrobe. No matter your fashion vibe. 😉

And the best part: Mix and Match it all and play with all the looks!
I had a blast with this one!

The patterns are available individually or in sets.
(Enabler tip: Bundles save you money!)

Individual patterns:



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  1. Deborah Ingelrelst says:

    Wow! Ik vroeg me af waarom het een tijdje zo stil was hier, nu begrijp ik het! Mooie collectie!

    1. admin says:

      haha Dankjewel!! <3

  2. Fabulous collection! That must have taken ages to get all that sewn up! Do you have a link to the Star struck pattern?

    1. admin says:

      I forgot to link it in the post, thank you for reminding me! 😉
      Here’s the (aff)link for it:

  3. Totally in love with your fabolous collection and it mixes and matches so well! Love that you back at the sewing machine

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much!
      This was definitely the creative kick I needed 😉

  4. Lieselot says:

    Hey, ik ben fan, maar dat wist je al 😉 Waar haalde jij jouw stoffen als ik dat mag vragen? (Oa voor de Everlong en de Paranoid?) Ik vind niet zoveel flanel…

    1. Hoi Hoi!
      Ah, dankjewel! <3
      De Everlong stof komt van Driessen en de Paranoid stof heb ik bij Hoofs in Den Bosch gehaald.

      Ik geloof dat leuke geruite stofjes heeft, die geschikt zijn voor beide patronen.

      1. Lieselot Lava says:

        Hey, dank je wel, ik overloop ze even allemaal!

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