G+G 2019 Winter Collection

I’ve never been so enthusiastic about a pattern release before, the new 2019 Winter Collection by George+Ginger had me drooling and doing a happy dance with every stitch. All three pieces are so amazing and unique, each a show stopper on their own right.

I love Kristi’s design style!

The process of making these garments was so much fun and the results clearly reflect that. I’m in love with every single piece I’ve made.

The Collection is comprised of:

  • The Cold Snap Coat – An amazing pleated swing coat with a dramatic collar (2 sizes) and 2 sleeve options (3/4 and long)

  • The December Dress – A dress with a unique silhouette that had most testers reticent and afraid of the “poofy skirt” only to have all of us fall head over heels in love with it

  • The Below Zero Top – A gorgeous off the shoulder sweater that manages to be comfortable and sexy at the same time.

I’ll be blogging about each pattern individually and in detail, but meanwhile, I just had to share the overall look with you!
Oh, and in case you were wondering if the Cold Snap Coat and December Dress go together…

Yes!! They absolutely do!! <3
Like I said, I’ll be writing full blog posts about each pattern, including a couple of hacks I’ve made! 😉 

EDIT: Blog posts are up! 
– Cold Snap Coat
– December Dress
– Bellow Zero Top


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