Monna Hoodie

Monna Hoodie from George+Ginger

Leave it to Kristi to take a hoodie to the next level and make it look and feel fancy!

This is not just another hoodie.
The round yoke with faux piping and gathered bodice sets it apart from your regular run of the mill hoodies, not to mention the welt pockets! <3

Just like any other G+G pattern, Monna is super flattering to the female form and makes you feel like a million bucks!

The hood is perfect fitting and has a great shape and I love the longer waistband and cuffs style.

The fabric I used is Liverpool with a cabled knit pattern with a thick CL as bands and hood lining.

I’m in love with this thing!

If Welt pockets scare you, don’t let it stop you giving this pattern a try. The instructions are fantastic and have step-by-step photos. It’s not that difficult, I promise! 😉

That faux piping detail is so pretty! Funny how a small detail can make all the difference, isn’t it?

I love how this hoodie has shape to it.
Due to my pear shape hoodies can make be feel a bit boxy and I don’t wear them as a general rule for that reason. This one is a game changer!!

All the comfort of a hoodie while still feeling put together and a bit “fancy”!

The pattern is meant for stable knits.
Any knit (at least 30% stretch) will work, but if you use drapey fabric the results will be different.

Love hoodies? This one is awesome!
Don’t love hoodies? Chances are this one will be an exception! 😉

MONNA HOODIE – George+Ginger Patterns


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