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Roxie Stockings – George+Ginger

A new G+G release and, once again, Kristi doesn’t disappoint!
The Roxie stockings are NOT your run-of-the-mill leggings, they take the leggings and stocking game to a whole other level and I’m so here for it!

Before I get into it I have a big disclaimer:

I sewed all 10 Roxies, but a nasty flu bug apparently decided to move in with us. Everyone has been sick but it seems to love me the most. I’ve been down with it for over a week now and aside from all the fun stuff that comes with it, I’m very, very bloated. That’s to say that most of the leggings I’ve made don’t fit me as they should right now (measured myself pre-flu). The change in size, plus the low energy levels resulted in me not having pictures taken yet. I’ll be editing this post to add them as I take them, I’ll do my best to do so asap.

For now, I have A, I, and J to show you.


Roxie Stockings VIEW A is a cut-out criss-cross design from mid-thigh to ankle! 

Starting the collection strong.
I love the “nekkid but not really” style! It shows a ton of leg, but not any more than a pair of shorts or a “slitty’ dress would. πŸ™‚

This isn’t the fastest of sews but it’s fun to make (and wear!).

I used a heavy-weight, strong athletic knit for this one and it was an awesome choice for it.


Roxie Stockings VIEW I is the ultimate bell bottom design!  

Ultimate Bell Bottoms is right! This one is SO MUCH FUN!
It’s a bit of a fabric hog, but oh so worth it.
Sounds funny, but these pants will have you twirling around like the best circle skirts out there haha

I used a jersey pique for this one. It has a nice weight and drape to it and was perfect for this view. The more volume your fabric has the more dramatic your Roxie will be. πŸ˜‰


Roxie Stockings VIEW J is a cozy open-footed tights design! 

I know this is a bit of a polarizing style… but personally LOVE it!
I’m a barefoot type of gal… I don’t like to feel my feet constricted and that’s one of the reasons I dislike socks. To me, they’re a necessary evil. haha
This style of leggings is perfect for me!

I used a fleece-backed sweater knit for these and let me tell you… they’re PERFECTION!
The coziest pair of stockings to have ever existed!
I’ve been literally living in these for the past week. I take them off to throw them in the wash and count the minutes till I can put them back on πŸ™‚
My daughter already put in her order for a couple of these for ballet lessons. πŸ™‚

One tip for using this type of fabric for it: Either run some elastic through the waistband or use a more stable knit for it.

Ok, this is what I have so far…
I’ll try to take more photos as this crappy bug allows me. Ugh… so sick of being sick!

If you’d like to check Roxie out, click on the images to go to the individual patterns:

If you’d like grab multiple at a bigger discount, there are some options:


But if you’d like only a few from each bundle, you can also add any three Roxie individual view patterns to your cart and automatically receive a Buy 2/Get 1 50% off with the Roxie β€˜My Pick’ Bundle!

Ok… off to have a cup of tea and take a nap now!

xxx, Livia.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Feel better! I can see your wardrobe expanding with all these designs …

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