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When I was a kid all I wanted was to have my own personal holographic computer that I could call on in my hours of need. Heck, I’m 45 and I still want that! LOL

Making this Synergy costume has been a blast.

The goal was still to have wearable pieces once the costume is taken apart, so the construction is a little different than I’d have done if it was a “this is a costume only” situation. That being said, I love every single piece, so I call it a total win! 🙂

Before I break down what patterns I used, here’s the info on the other stuff:

  • the wig is from Shein,
  • the symbol is self-made and cut with the Cricut,
  • the gloves are self-drafted
  • everything is made with athletic knit.

Not onto the patterns!

And in case you’re not familiar with Synergy, here she is in all of her “I’m a holographic computer designed to be the ultimate audio and visual entertainment synthesizer” glory! 😀

To start with, I hacked Rebekah and added some shoulder pads. I sized down 3 sizes as it needed to be fitted and I was using athletic fabric.

I always liked the shoulder pad t-shirt trend and am thoroughly digging this crop! I do have a thing for over-the-top shoulders and sleeves… <3

Next, I used the Rosie bodysuit to make this long sleeve crop.
I finished the bottom edge with elastic and left the V-neck raw because the athletic doesn’t roll and I like the wide neck look.

This will be an awesome crop to pair with high-waisted bottoms and/or an underlayer on colder days.

The next step was to make another Rosie, and this one I hacked it to have a rounded neckline because… why not? lol

Can never go wrong with a good bodysuit!

For the leggings, I used my go-to: Greenstyle’s Simpatico.

Perfect fit every time and is super quick to make. All the love for this one!

For the “boots” I used the Going Rogue sock pattern from The Wolf and the Tree. I simply made the sock and poked a hole for the heels of my shoes. Easy peasy!

Making these costumes have been such a fun experience!
Jess and I also made some funny videos, so make sure to check Instagram (@livia.jy) and/or TikTok (@liviality) for some extra fun content! haha


xxx, Livia

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