Slash Hack for Fall

Slash Tunic – George+Ginger

Fall has arrived but the weather still needs to catch up.
No complaints here, I’m fully enjoying the warm and sunny days but it’s time to start working on my fall wardrobe.

What better way to start than with a Slash Tunic from George+Ginger? It’s a perfect fall sew!

The pattern is meant for knit fabrics and features princess seams and a customizable double slit.

  • 3 sleeve lengths: short, 3/4 and long;
  • the choice between a hood or a regular neckband;
  • 3 lengths: tunic, mid or long.

Even though the pattern is amazing as is, I couldn’t help hacking it a bit to add a turtleneck.

Excuse me, but I’ll toot my own horn here for a bit… This is brilliant!
I LOVE this one! Like… love it so much I almost wish the warm weather gone 😛
It’s such a simple modification, but so effective. #obssessed

All I did was raise the front neckline, eyeballed the turtleneck piece and added it the same way I’d add the neckband.

The rest of the chosen options were: long length, modest slit, and long sleeves.

I don’t know what the fabric I used is called, but it’s middleweight, has great stretch and recovery and the contents are viscose, polyester, and elastane.

The next time I’ll add a cowl. Won’t that look amazing as well?
This is will be a definite go-to outfit for this season… Slash+leggins+boots= comfy, trendy and happy me!

If you’d like to add this look to your fall wardrobe as well, here’s some good news for you: the Slash is the pattern of the month at the George+Ginger’s website and on sale (25% off) for the entire month of September. 😉

SLASH TUNIC – George+Ginger


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  1. This is power dressing at its coziest. <3 I'm new to your blog and I love that I'm seeing patterns that I've never seen before!

    1. admin says:

      Welcome to my little corner! 😉

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