Swagger Sweater – Emoji edition

The Swagger Sweater was updated and now includes the new full-size range from G+G! It now goes from tween size 12 to plus size 5X(26).

The Swagger is a crowd favorite and I understand why! It’s so cute, feminine and flirty!

I made a straight tween size 12 for Samantha and the fit is spot on! 

That back peplum is too cute! I really like the neckline as well.
The pattern comes with 4 sleeve options (sleeveless, short, 3/4 and long), so it’s possible to wear the Swagger all year round.

I just love a pattern that is deceitfully easy!
It has a standout detail and looks like it’s complicated, but if you can sew a t-shirt, you can make it! 😉

This really is perfect for all seasons! Sleeveless or short sleeves paired with some cute shorts or leggings for summer and 3/4 or long sleeves in some yummy warm fabric paired with boots for winter and fall!

Can you tell the girl is into emojis? lol
The fabric is from a dutch facebook fabric group. The leggings are RTW.





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