The Lunar Romper

The Lunar Romper – George+Ginger

G+G just released the new must-have summer pattern, the Lunar Romper. It’s the same concept as the Solar Sundress but with a bit of extra flair and I’m obsessed!

It’s so cute and just as easy to adapt to your wants and needs as the Solar.

The Lunar Romper is a billowy sleeve (or easy strap) all-in-one design–featuring a built-in shelf bra and attached shorts for maximum support, booty coverage and overall comfort on the go!  Side seam pockets are also included for added convenience.

How cute is it?

I love the gathering across the bust and billowy sleeves and the double skirt is such a cute detail.

The skirt is slightly shorter on the sides and it gives a small peekaboo of the shorts underneath. Don’t want that? Easy peasy fix, just add a couple of inches to the skirt 😉

Fabric choice will definitely affect the final product with this one.
If you use a drapey knit like I did, the skirt may grow a bit and cover the shorts, if you use a more stable knit like ponte or scuba you may get a shorter and fuller skirt.

Keep this in mind when choosing your fabrics, so you get exactly the effect you’re going for!

As I mentioned before, this is pattern is super easy to hack, mash and/or adjust to your own tastes and needs. Here are a few super easy ideas:

  • Use only one skirt piece: Short one for a peplum top, Long one for a simpler circle skirt dress
  • Make the shorts as separates for easier access on bathroom breaks 🙂
  • Or even leave the shorts off altogether

These are just some ideas from the top of my head. The Mash possibilities are endless!
How about mashing the strap option with the Road Trip to make a swimsuit? Or the sleeve option with the campfire pants for an amazingly classy jumpsuit?

And yes, both of those are on my to-do list. 😛
Hadn’t had the time to make them yet, but here are two hacks that I did get around to making so far.

01 – Lunar as a Top

This is one that I immediately knew I HAD to make.
I absolutely love this bodice style and wanted to be able to wear it with multiple outfits.

This is a pretty simple and straightforward hack.
I just extended the waistband pieces to a top length that I was happy with, sewed the bodice as per pattern (sans waistband), and attached the top bottom at the end.

I was planning to use a taller elastic for the sleeves for a faux-cuff situation and added length to it but 2a sewing brain totally forgot about that part of the plan, so now my sleeves are a bit long.

I may grab the seam ripper and fix it, but it’s topstitched mesh…. so I may just have to have extra long sleeves and deal with it. LOL

Also… obsessed with using this top off the shoulder!


02 – Lunar as a Playsuit

This was another must for me.
I made this exact have with the Solar and worn it all summer long. I absolutely love it!

I wear it as is at home and paired it with skirts and pants. It would also make the perfect gym outfit if I did go to the gym… lol

I was so excited to make this one in this striped CL I found at the bargain bin from my local shop.
But once I finished and tried it on… All I can think of is 1920s swimwear LOL

I still think it’s super cute and will wear the sh*t out of it, but I can’t unsee it haha

This one is done exactly as per pattern, only leaving the skirts out.

I left the shorts unhemmed, only finished with the serger in order to reduce bulk when layering it.

I’m not too happy about the stripe direction on the waistband, but I had about 0.8 yds of fabric, so I had to do some fabric Tetris to make it work. Still a total win on my book though!

Anyways… the bottom line is that I love how versatile this pattern can be and, just like Solar, Lunar is going to fast become a huge staple in my summer wardrobe.

LUNAR ROMPER – George+Ginger


This pattern is so much fun to play with!

03 – Separates and short sleeves

I’m so ready for summer and this little outfit makes me even more so.

This is a simple one.
I simply made the bodice as per pattern and hemmed the bottom of the waistband instead of attaching the skirt/shorts.

The same goes for the skirt. Here you can choose to either remove a few inches from the top of the bottom pieces and add a band, or do as I did and add elastic to the waist.

Here’s what I did for the short sleeves:

After that, it’s just a matter of measuring the elastic around your arm and inserting it as per pattern instructions.

I didn’t hem the skirt and it makes it less bouncy… I’ll probably go back and hem it as it’s more fun and flirty that way 😉 When I do I’ll upload photos so we can compare.

This top will be so cute paired with jeans and a white tee/tank top will also be a perfect companion for the skirt. Will be fun to be able to mix and match!

04 – Jumpsuit

My original plan was to mash the Lunar bodice with the Campfire pants. I’ll most likely still do that, but I love the Lunar/Solar shorts so much that I decided to give pants a go.

So the only mods made were:

  • Used an extra front bodice lining piece in place of the gathered one;
  • Left the skirt out
  • Lengthened the shorts to match my inseam.

I lengthened it straight down. Here are the points to consider:

  • Measure the shorts inseam and add the amount you need, not forgetting the hem allowance;
  • Lengthen the pocket backing as well;
  • Lengthen both sides of the gusset (it will be a very long piece)

For the rest, it’s sewing as per pattern instructions. If you’re adding the pocket, just make sure you fold the bottom edge and stitch it to the pocket backing.

This is the comfiest jumpsuit ever, I absolutely love the no-center seams!

I know I said it before, but I can’t get over how easy it is to modify and play this pattern, so many possibilities!!


xxx, Livia

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  1. Fell in love with the pattern when I saw your Solar makes and now with the Lunar as well!

    1. admin says:

      Ah, thank you so much!

  2. This is such a gorgeous pattern and you do it such justice. Thank you for sharing all your versions and hacks. Phenomenal 😍

  3. Jessica Escobar says:

    Beautiful work

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