Time to Walk Around

Walk Around Top – George + Ginger

G+G’s new release is one of those “Basics with a Twist” designs.

A T-back hoodie top with a fun peekaboo detail.
It’s a fun sew. That band attachment is so clever!!

The Walkabout Top is a trendy T-back design hoodie!  Wear it as is, over a long sleeve top for layering, or to the gym for a workout.  With one easy-to-sew band, this quick project will have you picking out fabric for the next one!

I love my Walk Around!
This will be such a big wardrobe staple when the weather gets warmer.

The recommended fabrics are medium to heavyweight knits, but I was stuck on the idea of using these stripes for it. The fabric is a rayon knit and it worked great. Just keep in mind that if you do use a lighter-weight fabric you may need to size one down, as these fabrics have a tendency to grow a bit.

There’s not much I can say about this top, except that it’s easy and fun to sew and awesome to wear haha

I have another one cut, but for now it’s living on my “to sew” pile as the past days have been so hectic that I lost a bit of my sewing energy 🙁
Life really has to get it together and realize that I need my sewing fix. So rude!

Meanwhile, I’ll just wear this one paired with a long-sleeved top and hope for warmer days to be here soon! haha

WALK AROUND TOP – George + Ginger

xxx, Livia

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  1. Katrien says:

    Mooi! Staat je geweldig!
    ik heb het nog niet gedurfd om streepjes te verwerken…🫣

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