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Pattern Emporium has a new release and a re-release this week and they’re both fantastic!

The Wanderlust is a loved and trusted pattern that just got a new size update, it now goes from AUS sizes 4 to 30. <3

The Go-To is a fit and flair dress with many options to keep you dressed all year long.


I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to sew one.
The simple lines of this dress are so beautiful and flattering!

Create an easy wardrobe essential for everyday life with the versatile Wanderlust Dress Pattern. Designed for stretch knit fabrics, it features a selection of necklines, sleeves & dress lengths. It’s one-piece front is also perfect for your favourite graphic print fabrics.

In addition to the extra sizes, Kate also included a looser fit sleeve to the pattern while still keeping the original one with a bit more negative ease.

AND for some extra fun, the instructions include a list of other patterns that you can use to mix and match sleeves with the Warderlust. So many possibilities!

That’s what I did with this one.

  • Size 12 multisized to 18
  • Scoop Neck
  • Maxi Length
  • Puff Sleeves from Hello Gorgeous
  • Fabric: Some sort of jersey with a nice weight to it.

I love this combo of options!


This pattern is that ace up in the sleeve pattern that we can pull out anytime we need a dress that is quick, pretty much fail proof and will suit almost any occasion, depending on options and fabric choices.

The Go-To Dress features a fitted bodice, waist seam & separate A-line skirt. It has a beautiful fit & flare silhouette with a moderate hemline sweep.

In addition to all the dress options, we can also make a skirt and pick between 2 waistbands: yoga and elastic.

As I’ve made quite a few dresses lately, I opted for the skirt to have a little extra versatility with styling. <3
I also made the bodice as a crop top, because… why not? 😀


  • size 12
  • cutaway sleeveless
  • mid front neckline
  • mid back neckline
  • I simply cut the bodice at the waist line and hemmed the top.


  • size 12 waist multisized to 18 hip
  • longer length
  • yoga waistband

Fabric used is a Scuba Twill.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve worn this skirt already. It’s so easy to style and I absolutely love the length of it. Here’s it paired with a RTW tee and my hacked Sweet Cheek.

I’m itching to make a summery one (short with cap sleeve?), but fall is around the corner, maybe I’ll wait a bit and adjust accordingly… maybe.



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