Polar Dress – A, B, C

Polar Dress – George + Ginger

I had to take a little break from blogging and posting and can’t think of a better way to pick it back up again than a new GG release.

I’ll say right off the bat that it’s AMAZING!

The Polar dress is available in three different versions: A, B and C, and it’s a bit different than the other built-in patterns that George+Ginger has offered so far.  It has a new shorts design that includes a shapewear-type fit with a tummy control panel, a split gusset for easier bathroom breaks, and a long inseam for thigh control.

You know I had to make one of each, so let’s take a look at each version and help you compare and decide which suits you best. But spoiler alert: I can’t pick one and they’re all awesome. lol

Before we start, for reference, all three dresses are range 11 bust/waist graded to range 20 hips.


View A has a chic high-neck style, with a zipper on the back, featuring a built-in shelf bra and attached shorts. Choose from knee or maxi length–and sleeveless, short, 3/4, or long sleeves.

I’m obsessed!
The new shorts design is the perfect marriage of compression and comfort. You don’t feel like your internal organs are being shifted inside your body, but you still get that smooth no-jiggle look. 😀

Curious about it?
I got you!
Here’s a not-so-flattering-yet-informative shot especially for y’all lol

I used power mesh as main for the shorts and “underwear knit” (no clue what the fabric is called) for the lining and gusset.

Now let’s chat about the zipper (I totally goofed and forgot to get my messy hair out of the way).
Sewing the zipper instructions is easy to follow, so there’s no need to feel intimidated by it.

One thing to take into consideration if you’re shaped like me, with a big size jump from bust/waist to hip: I used the zipper length suggested in the pattern, and it does take a good bit of wiggling to get the range 20 behind through the range 11 waist.

For this issue, I have 2 suggestions:

1 – use a longer zipper, or

2 – Make the shorts as a separate piece and eliminate the zipper altogether.

As I do like the look of the zipper on the back, I’ll try a longer on next time.


View B features a flattering scoop neck, no zipper, a built-in shelf bra, and attached shorts. Choose from knee or maxi length–and sleeveless, short, 3/4, or long sleeves.

With View B the scoop neck eliminates the need for a zipper, you can just get in the dress via the neck opening. For my shape and sizing it was key to have a fabric with at least the suggested amount of stretch (60%) so I could put it on without popping any stitches on the neckline.

The shorts are exactly the same as the previous dress and I truly can’t get over how comfortable and efficient the whole thing is!

One thing I forgot to mention before. As power mesh doesn’t fray nor roll, I cut the seam allowance from the bottom and left it unhemmed.

The fabric I used for this one is a mystery knit. But I’d say it’s ponte-ish.


View C features the classic spaghetti straps, a built-in shelf bra, and attached shorts. Choose from knee or maxi length.

If you’re worried about getting into your dress, this is the easiest one.
For this one I inverted the shorts fabric, I used knit as main and power mesh as the tummy lining. It’s really nice and comfortable, but I do prefer the compression of the other ones.

I love the strappy look and even though this view has less options than the other two I somehow find it the most versatile style. The straps are perfect for layering and I love the lower neckline.

Here’s a side-by-side to illustrate how fabric choice will play a part in how your dress will look and fit.

Both dresses are very very comfortable to wear, but the one on the left offers more compression/shaping, so keep fabric types in mind in order to achieve your preferred fit/look.

As I mentioned above, in my opinion, all three views are amazing and you can’t go wrong with any of them. So if you like this style of dress, I’d recommend you get the bundle as it’s more bang for your buck. (right now you can snag one view for $7.50, or the bundle with all three for $18)



I loved the new shapewear style shorts so much that I want to wear it with everything! So I made a shapewear bodysuit using the built-in bra from View C. It’s perfect!!

Fabrics I used were:

  • Shorts: Power Mesh (main) and Athletic Knit (lining and gusset)
  • Bra: Athletic Knit (main and lining). As the president of the IBTC I don’t need power mesh on the top part lol
  • Knit Bias Tape for the straps because I wanted them a bit thinner and, yes, because I’m lazy lol.

Honestly, even if you don’t think you’d want the dress but are looking for a well-fitting shapewear made to your measurements, this is awesome!

Here’s the link party if you’d like to check them out:


xxx, Livia.

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