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Unwind Sweater-Jumper-Hoodie – Pattern Emporium

I’m a huge fan of Pattern Emporium patterns.
Kate McAuley, the designer, has the gift of making stylish patterns that are easy to sew and always result in a fantastic garment. I can honestly say that every single PE pattern I’ve ever made I got a perfectly fitting garment from the get-go.

The Unwind isn’t an exception to this rule.
It’s a dolman style sweater/jumper that is mind-blowingly versatile.

4 necklines: crew, relaxed, turtle neck and hood
3 lengths: crop, hip, and long – 3 sleeve lengths: short, half and long

What I absolutely love about this pattern is that the long sleeves are also cut in one piece with the body. All the other dolman paters I have, the long sleeves are attached to the short sleeve, creating a seam around the arm. This one doesn’t. It’s fantastic.

Another great fact is that virtually any knit can be used for it.
Make sure to watch Kate’s video for a more in-depth explanation and some awesome visuals of all the options.

Let me show you the one’s I’ve made.
I split them up in 2 groups: As per pattern and Hacks.

For reference: I’m 5’10” (178cm) and didn’t adjust the pattern for height.

As per Pattern

  • Size 12;
  • Regular Crop length;
  • 1/2 sleeves;
  • Crew neck;
  • lightweight Sweater Knit.
  • Size 12;
  • Tall crop length;
  • Long sleeve;
  • Turtle neck;
  • Medium-weight Sweater Knit.
  • Size 12;
  • Tall crop length;
  • Long sleeve;
  • Crew neck;
  • very lightweight Sweater Knit.

If you’d like to have the SVG I made for this one, I’ll leave a link at the end of the post 😉 (Relax Unwind and accept the chaos)

  • Size 12;
  • Regular hip length;
  • Short sleeves;
  • Crew neck;
  • 100% cotton knit (t-shirt fabric).

This SVG (uncork and unwind) is also available at the end of the post.


  • Size 12;
  • hip length graded to size 18;
  • 1/2 sleeve;
  • Medium-weight mystery distressed knit and CL for bands and cuffs;
  • HACK: Used the Game On as a guide for the off the shoulder neckline and doubled the height of the waistband.
  • Size 12;
  • Tall crop length;
  • Short sleeves;
  • Lightweight poly-knit;
  • HACKS: Made a mock turtle-neck by halving the height of the original and hemmed the top instead of adding the waistband.
  • Size 12;
  • Regular crop length;
  • Long sleeves;
  • French Terry;
  • HACKS: Fitted Waistband, doubled the height of cuffs and waistband.

This adorable SVG is by a super talented Dutch graphic designer, Angela de Bruyn. Here’s a link to her Etsy shop: ByDerowen

This is probably my favorite!
Before going into the specs, I have to say that this one was 100% inspired by Kate’s makes.

  • Size 12;
  • Cut between regular and tall crop length;
  • 1/2 sleeves;
  • Classic Jersey;
  • HACKS: Added stripe to front and back panels (I used black FOE) and funnel neck from the Be You Tee.

This one has an extra suprise, though…

I made the funnel neck as a separate piece, so it’s pretty much 2 tops in 1. <3

Can you tell, I really really like this pattern?
It should come with a warning though… it’s addicting! haha

I'm editing this post on include my latest Unwind.
I figured it would be easier to keep them all in the same place!

I’m so HAPPY with how this one turned out, the perfect Tee for summer!

  • size 12 graded to 16;
  • relaxed neckline (made with binding instead of the band);
  • short sleeves;
  • Front panel cut between regular and tall crop;
  • Back panel tall hip length;
  • Fabric is a mystery knit I got from a remnants sale. It’s like a drapey CL…
  • Added trim to center front and center back;
  • 3″ split hem.

I really love it!
The only thing is that next time I’ll probably make a straight 12 and not grade for my hips as ease of pattern+split hem makes it “unnecessary”.

I’m bound to keep using this pattern, so I’ll just keep editing this post. 😉





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    Thank you for sharing your makes and your cut files. The unwinds all look superb.

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