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Briar has arrived and it’s FANTASTIC!

I usually shy away from testing underwear, but just couldn’t resist when Ashley Hermann announced Briar. Super duper cute bralettes and seamless undies? Yes please!

Briar is a complete set and has a bunch of options:

So let’s break this down, and please bear with me while I jump waaaaay out of my comfort zone… 😉

Let’s talk Bralette!

Cute&Comfy + Sexy&Sassy = Briar Bralette
This one is meant to be more of a comfy sleepwear bra… not a super supportive sports top. That being said, fabric choice is everything 😉

The pattern includes different cups and has multiple options:

I’m a barely B cup and don’t need a lot of support. I will definitely wear these as a regular bra substitute.

  • FRONT – regular, cross over or twist;
  • BACK – crosse over straps or Y shape;
  • Band or elastic;
  • Babydoll shirt;
  • optional front straps;
  • optional finishing with picot elastic.

The great thing about it all is that we can easily adjust the options to reflect our wishes and wants.

All the bralettes I made are Size M and B cup


1 – Twisty

This is my favorite front option.
It’s so pretty! Also, if you’d like to feel more held in/secure… this is the option to choose.

I made 2 of them.
This first one is made with CL (for my local friends – this is By Lisan tricot).

It’s the perfect lounging bra/top!
I’m a firm member of the IBTC but feel uncomfortable going braless when wearing a loose shirt. Sports bras and cute tops are the perfect comfy solution. By using the wider band makes it more of a top than a bra and I love that! Perfect for summer!

This next one is extra cool because I made it reversible. 😉
The bra is fully lined so it’s just a matter of tweaking the way the band is sewn.

2 – Cross Over

This is another stable front, but a bit more open than the twist option.
I made one using a leather look ponte and love how it turned out!

I used smaller band for this one, I like this style to wear it as a bra, swim top or as a top under a layering piece.

3 – Simple

This one is the most open one. I feels like a litte more relaxed fit than the other two for the fact that the cups aren’t connected to each other. On solution for that are the center straps. They add a very cute detail to the bralette and gives it a bit more stability.

I chose to criss cross the tabs instead of placint them horizontaly. Love the look of this one! Fabric used is swim. This one will definitely visit a pool this summer! (the way things are going, it will be a plastic one in the backyard, but it will see a pool lol).

Back options

Not much to say about the backs as they’re pretty self explanatory. 😉
My one tip is to pin the straps and try the bra on before sewing. The pattern comes with strap length guides, but our bodies are all different and you may need to adjust it to fit you perfectly.

1 – Y strap

2 – Crossed straps

The fun thing about this one is that you can choose how to set the straps and have some fun with it. I think I’ll make it 4 straps on my next one. Cute!

Onto the (seamless) Undies!

I’m absolutely in LOVE with these and firmly believe I’ll never buy undies ever again. Not only are they seamless and super comfortable, but they’re also the fastest thing to sew!

The options available are:

  • cheeky or thong;
  • low, mid or high rise.

I only made Cheeky ones, both in low and mid-rise, all in size XXL.
Here you can see the difference between the two rises.

I really can’t tell you enough how much I love this pattern! I made 8 in one go, two of which didn’t get photographed because they were immediately put into use haha

Last but not least… Shorties!

These are also super super good!
I’ve been living in mine since making it… as the weather gets warmer, they’re giving my LAB lounger a run for its money as my quarantine go-to.

The patterns 2 length cutlines and 2 rises.
I made the highest rise and longest length. Keeping in mind that I’m 5’10” and didn’t adjust for height.

I’m in love with this set! <3

This next one is made with rayon knit and is a dream to wear. It’s so comfortable that I get sad when it needs to go into the wash…

That’s all for today, folks!
I think the only option I didn’t get around to making was the babydoll, and that’s already on the to-sew list, but meanwhile, you’ll find me sewing all the undies I possibly can! 😉

BRIAR UNDERGARMENT SET – Petite Stitchery & Co


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  1. Jill says:

    What type of fabric did you use for the undies?

  2. Ginger says:

    Everything looks great! What fabric did you use for the seamless undies? Thanks so much

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