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Pattern Emporium is one of my top go-to places for everyday sewing patterns. I practically live in them! Kate has a special talent for creating patterns that are flattering, comfortable, and effortlessly mix and match each other.

One of the biggest staples in my wardrobe are the Palazzos (knit) and the Vacation Vibes (woven) pants. They’re perfectly drafted, easy to sew and the dramatic options make for an amazing statement piece.

Now, the Bound to Be Tee pattern has just joined this staple league.

I love how the wide binding elevates the look of the t-shirt, and the cap sleeves option makes my heart sing. 😀

I made a pair of Vacation Vibes to go with the tee and to say that I’ve been wearing this combo non-stop is an understatement.

Tee deets:

  • Crew neck
  • Cap sleeve
  • Cropped length
  • fabric used: Cotton Lycra

For the Vacation Vibes the options I chose were:

  • Subtle Flare
  • High rise
  • Foxy Pockets
  • fabric: linen blend tablecloth haha

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I decided on a last-minute girls’ trip to Italy. I had virtually no time to plan a nice travel capsule wardrobe, so I pretty much used the three patterns I already mentioned as the base for most of my looks. Easy peasy!

To start with I made another Bound to Be, but this time I used the puff sleeves of the Hello Gorgeous, as well as some cute ribbing for an extra flair.

  • Cropped length (plus added ribbing)
  • Mid neckline
  • hack: Hello Gorgeous sleeves
  • fabric: medium-weight jersey

Here’s how I wore it, tucked in my denim look Palazzo.
This one is made in a denim look ponte with foxy pockets and dramatic flare.

Not gonna lie… felt so super cute in this! 😀

The trip was the perfect kick in the behind I needed to finally make something that had been living in my brain rent-free for ages: another pair of striped Palazzos with suspenders!

When the pattern first came out, I made a pair like these, but as I’m not that size anymore, they’re too snug now. I’ve been dying to make a new pair.

  • Subtle flair
  • foxy pockets
  • waistband doubled in height
  • suspender elastic.

I’m obsessed with this combo! I need to make a bunch more of both to mix and match to my heart’s content. Oh, and if you’ve read my other blog post and are wondering… Yes, my teen still calls them my “Clown Pants.” Loosely quoted: “They look good on you, Mom, and I love that you love them. But they’ll forever be known as clown pants!” LOL

Anyways, the bottom line is the Bound to Be tee and Palazzo Pants are my jam, and I’ll never stop making and wearing them! 😉


xxx, Livia.

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