Crimson & Everlong

Crimson Dress and Everlong Pants

Crimson Dress is George+Ginger’s Pattern of the Month and I figured it was the perfect time to finally make a new one.

I really like this pattern and find it especially fun to make. I really enjoy how the bodice is constructed!

Crimson features a ruffled bodice and circle skirt and comes in Top and Dress lengths. We can also choose between Sleeveless, Short, 3/4 and long sleeves.

My previous Crimson was a Sleeveless Peplum top in a floral rayon knit, so flirty and feminine! You can read more about it HERE.

I love the romantic look and feel of it but, this time I went the other way. A sleeker, more rock&roll Crimson… and I love it just as much! 😀

I omitted the Crimson waistband and mashed it with the Rave top instead. This is a very simple mod and you can use any fitted bodice base you like, or even freehand it. Just a matter of extending the bodice to your desired length.

I used Pleather for the smaller top ruffle and Scuba Twill for all the rest. I love the added drama the sturdiness of the scuba gave the ruffles!

As the Scuba is on the heavier side and very stable, I chose not to line my top. I serged the edges, flipped once and topstitched it.

To make my outfit complete I made an Everlong pant and LOVE the combo!

Everlong is drafted for wovens with no stretch. The Scuba I used is a 2way stretch, so I simply cut the fabric “the wrong way” and it wasn’t a problem at all.

I decided to not make pockets because the fabric is a bit thick and I didn’t want added with on my hips, but in hindsight, I regret that decision. Because… Pockets!

This one makes me feel like a badass momma but in a classy way! haha

And to feel like a badass momma in a daily life type of way, I pair it with jeans 😛

With a special appearance of my Zombie jacket, because we have to embrace the look, amirite? 😉

If you’re curious about the Everlong Pants, you can check out my other post about them HERE. (the jeans are RTW)

Pattern Links:

CRIMSON DRESS (25% off for the entire month – FEB/20)


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