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Duet(ing) with Jess – Miami Nice version!

Duet Trousers + Metra Blazer

I love a good chance of twinning with my sewsister Jess, and when we both had the idea of hacking the Duet Trouser into shorts we just knew it had to be done! 😀

As with any project we do together, it snowballed. I guess two creative brains with no fear of cringe can’t keep things simple! haha

Ok, let’s talk about the patterns we used.

01 – Duet Trousers

The Duet just received an overhaul and re-release. It’s now available in the full Love Notions’ size range and includes a Full Belly adjustment option and an updated attached fitting workbook.

In addition to the updated pattern, a Duet Workshop is now available in the LN shop!
If you’re intimidated by the idea of making trousers and all the fitting that comes with it, this is such a great resource. Tami holds your hand all the way through the process to help you achieve the perfect fitting pants.

Jess and I decided to hack the pattern into cuffed shorts for the summer and they turned out so cute!

Here are the deets of what mods we’ve made:


  • straight leg option
  • 8″ inseam
  • 1.5″ cuff
  • Yoga waistband
  • Fabric: Scuba


  • straight leg option
  • 4″ inseam
  • 1.5″cuff
  • Yoga waistband with an added 2″ in height
  • Fabric: Scuba

I highly recommend you make a muslin before using your good fabric. As it’s a trouser pattern, it’s important that you get the pattern to fit you perfectly. I absolutely loved the updated Fitting Workbook that comes with the pattern, it’s such a great help and full of tips and tricks.

And because, as I mentioned, we can’t keep things simple, we decided to make an oversized Metra Blazer to go with the Duets because… why not? 😀

02 – Metra Blazer

I love this pattern!

A little while ago I wrote a tutorial for the Love Notions blog on how to add Puff Sleeves to it, you can check it out HERE.

Jess is the queen of Metra blazers, she’s sewn so many and they are all so FAB!!! She’s made an oversized mustard color one that I absolutely love, so I definitely used the twinning as an opportunity to copy cat!

The mods made were:


  • Cut it at a slightly higher zoom %
  • lengthened
  • added patch pockets
  • Fabric: Scuba


  • Sized one up
  • lengthened (by 7 inches)
  • added patch pockets
  • Fabric: Scuba

This was a very straightforward mod and sew. But, just as with the Duet, if you feel you’d like to have a little extra help with the pattern, Metra also has an online course. Woot Woot!

Shorts… check!
Blazer… check!

Well, now we need a top to go with it. lol

We needed to keep it easy, quick, and simple because there are only so many hours in a day after all… Luna Longwear to the rescue!

In the excitement of showcasing Metra and Duet, we forgot to take photos of Luna on its own, but this is pretty much sewn as per pattern for both of us. Jess made the top option and I cut mine at the waistline mark to make it a crop top.

Once we had our outfits done it dawned on us how much Miami Vice vibes they had (we keep showing our ages with these twinnings, don’t we LOL). So, OBVIOUSLY, some extra fun was to be had!

If you’d like check out our posts, follow all the shenanigans, and/or use our affiliate to help us out a little, here’s the FULL LINK PARTY!
And for some more twinning fun check out @sewsisterscoast2coast on Instagram 😉

xxx, Livia.

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  1. So much fun to see you to together like this 😉

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