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Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee – Pattern Emporium

A little while ago I was selected to join the Pattern Emporium tester team and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I love the PE design aesthetic and the vibe of their FB group, and this is what drew me into applying when I saw the call. Oh, how I’m glad I did!

Kate and Melanie are so amazing to work with and all the testers are super friendly and incredibly talented. Love all around!

The first test announced after I joined the team was this amazing puff sleeve tee and I jumped at the chance to test it. I love a good dramatic sleeve!

The pattern is amazing and chockfull of options.

Hello Gorgeous!
  • 5 sleeve options – Short, Above Elbow, Below Elbow and Long;
  • 4 necklines to choose from – High Squared, Low Squared, High Round, Low Round;
  • 2 shirt lengths.
  • Plus, it’s super mashable with various PE patterns!

I made my first one out of Jacquard Jersey and chose the options: Short Sleeve, Low Squared neckline and the Shorter Length.

Can you believe that this one was my “muslin”?? How amazing is that? Perfect fit from the get-go!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the puffiness of the sleeve when using a sturdier fabric and how on-trend and amazing this squared neckline is:

I love it!
For my Dutch and Belgium friends, I got this fabric at Driessen Stoffen. 😉

This pattern should come with a warning: It’s addictive!
Right after finishing this one I just couldn’t wait to make more, playing with different fabrics.

And that’s how this lace one came to be. 🙂
The only difference from the previous one is that I chose the High Round Neckline this time.

As you can see, the Tee is slim fitted but to skin tight. It’s flattering and comfortable, my favorite combo!

I don’t remember where the lace came from. Probably from a fabric market.

After making these two it was time to try a mash. If you’ve been here on my blog before, you probably know that I love a good pattern mash/hack.

Hello Gorgeous + Friday Feels = Match made in heaven <3

I went with the Long Sleeves, Low Squared neckline and paired it with a store-bought obi-style belt. I love this look so much!

It also looks fantastic with my me-made Tie Me Up belt:

Friday Feels Skirt is a Free for members pattern, so make sure to join the PE FB group to grab the code. A good tube skirt is a great staple to have in your arsenal!

The mash was super simple and straightforward, just a matter of lining and overlapping the pattern pieces. I’m planning an extra post to talk about it. Keep your fingers crossed life doesn’t keep insisting on keeping me from blogging. 😉

These Victorian-inspired sleeves are so beautiful! They somehow make me, instantly, want to behave with more poise and grace. 😀

This fabric also came from Driessen Stoffen and it’s called Classic Jersey on their website.

Since the mash with the Friday Feels worked out so great, I just had to make another one. It’s a rule, right? If it works, keep making them.

Another short-sleeved, but this time with a Low Round Neckline.

I managed to squeeze this dress out of 1 meter of this Pique Knit (also from Driessen)! Woot!

As you can see, depending on the fabric you use you can achieve so many looks with the Hello Gorgeous. Don’t let the Puff Sleeves fool you into thinking they’re are limiting 😉 Modern, Romantic, Classic looks… they’re all possible!

Which one is your favorite?

As per pattern Tops:

Pattern Mash with Friday Feels Skirt


FRIDAY FEELS SKIRT (Free with code available HERE)


*this post contains affiliate links

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  1. Just love your work.

  2. Lyn Constable says:

    I loved both of them. I can see myself trying both of them. I feel the trick is finding the right fabric, for example both of the tops you have made. But like you jump right in and have a go. I also loved the matching of the dresses they look fabulous. Thank you for presenting them to us. 💜🥰

    1. admin says:

      That’s my sewing moto, just go for it! 😉
      If it doesn’t work, it was a lesson learned.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! <3

  3. love the dresses perfect for daily routine thanks for sharing.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much, Stella!

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