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When I thought I couldn’t love the Unwind Sweater anymore than I already did, Kate added POCKETS into the mix!

This has been my go-to sweater pattern since its release. I LOVE how fast and easy it is to make and the fact that the bodice and sleeves are all one piece.

I won’t go into the sweater pattern details, but you can check my original Unwind Post HERE. 😉 If you’re unfamiliar with the pattern I highly recomend you check it out!

The add-on includes 3 pocket options: Kangaroo, Round and Welt.

Unwind Pockets Add-on Sewing Pattern

The Kangaroo doesn’t really need an introduction, it’s well known and very loved. The one thing I want to say is that I love the construction of this one!

My daughter is also a huge fan of the Unwind and has been asking for this Hades one for ages and the pocket was the cherry on top!

It’s the longer length and I doubled the waistband height, aside from that it’s all as per pattern.

The pocket is roomy and perfect.
The girl already announced that she needs at least 4 more, so she can wear a different one each day of the week. 😉

This hades svg was a bit of a pain to weed, but worth the hassle. It turned out so cool, didn’t it?


This one is very cool!
It sits at the side seam, has a round opening, and isn’t bulky. It has only one extra layer that is topstitched to the front of the sweater.

The fabric I used makes it difficult to see the topstitching, but you can use the line drawins above to see what I mean. 😉

I’m in LOVE with this one. This sweather knit is so super cozy and the longer length made it extra cozy.

I’m usually not a big fan of side seam pockets as I feel they add bulk to my hips and they’re wide enough by themselves haha. But because of the way these are constructed this wasn’t an issue. Woot!

You know what’s also fantastic about this add-on?
Kate also included intructions on how to add the pockets on a existing Unwind. No reason to walk around pocket-less 😛


Full disclosure: These are my absolute favorites
I love welt pockets!
I love they way they look and I love sewing them. <3

This one is, I believe, my favorite Unwind to date.
I had some fun colorblocking it and wasn’t sure if the combination would work, but it turned out way better than I thought it would and I’m so happy with it!

The funnel neck is from the Be You Tee and…


It’s removable!
Ever since I’ve made this funnel neck as a separate piece with a previous Unwind I’ve been obsessed with it. It’s so much fun to be able to mix and match!

I think that when winter rolls around I’ll be making a ton of these in fluffy warm fabrics.

I do like a good scarf, but these are so charming and practical.

Both of my sweaters have a 3/4 sleeve. I’m that person who’s always pushing their sleeves up, so I might as well stick to shorter sleeves right? 😉

Sewing welt pockets may sound a little daunting and scary, and even though it’s a bit more complicated thant the other two options, it’s not really difficult. You only need to take it slow and be precise with the steps, plus the instructions on the pattern are fantastic and walk you through step-by-step.

So… inquiring minds want to know (it’s mine, I’m curious lol). What do you use pockets for? Why is it a must have?
My main reasons are:

  • I’m awkward and need somewhere where I can shove my hands;
  • I don’t like carrying purses. I do LOVE bags, but don’t like carrying them because the more space I have, the more stuff I shove in there and those things can get HEAVY!
  • Snacks!



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