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The Revelry – George+Ginger

This is what this new G+G design is.
Kristi definitely knocked it out of the ballpark with Revelry. It’s such a unique and eye-catching look.

The Revelry is an add-on bodice… it works with all of the fabulous skirts in the MIU!  This fitted bodice features a built-in cape design (with full cape and half cape options) and an oversized cowl hood!  Choose from four different sleeve lengths (including sleeveless).  Also included is an option for a simple neckband style instead of the hood.

As you can see from the collage above I didn’t stop at only one. This is such a fun one that I tried to play around with as many options as I could.

They are all following the pattern with the exception of one little hack, because this girl can’t help herself 😉


This is definitely the most dramatic of all the options and I’m here for it!
I used a suede knit that I can’t remember where I got it from but it was the perfect fabric for this project.

The weight of it works perfectly wiht the cape, I mean… look at this drape <3

For this one, I decided to keep the bodice as is and not add any bottoms to it, not even the waistband. The fabric doesn’t fray or roll at all and due to the weight of it, I wanted to reduce the bulk of seams.

Size-wise I made a straight 8, following my measurements and size chart. The only adjustment I made was to add 2″ to the side waist length.

How amazing is this hood? I can’t get over it.
My daughter and I might have to battle for this one. She tried it on and claimed it as soon as she saw it.

The downside of her growing up so fast… she gets to steal my clothes. lol

This may be a bit extra but I fully intend to wear it as soon as the weather allows. I can’t wait to be swooshing my cape around town! 😛


So, what are the differences between the full and half capes?
The Full cape is a full circle and longer, the half is a half-circle and a shorter length.

The half cape is a bit more daily-life friendly. A bit more modern and a bit less dramatic than the full one.

I used velvet for this one and love how it pairs with a pair of jeans. It’s sort of a casual-fancy combo.
The one thing I regreat with this one was not having lined the hood. I love the fullness of the previous one and just one layer of the velvet didn’t really give me fullness I wanted.

I added a wide band to the bodice waistband becaues as the fabric is a 2-way stretch, the bodice was a bit shorter than the suede one so I made up for with with a taller band.

I see these 2 capes tops that I made as the runway look and the ready-to-wear look of the pattern and I love them both. 😀 <3


I just had to give a lined velvet hood a go and I was right. I love it so much more with the extra volume, plus it look prettier when it’s velvety all around 😉

I used the hi-lo skirt from the MIU dress with the same modifications I made for one of my Selfie Shirts. The back skirt is the longer length and I shortened the front skirt to about 9″.

Just like the white one, this velvet is a 2-way stretch and that made the bodice a bit shorter. Next time I’ll acount for that as I’d like to have about 1/2″ more there.

This is a fun one that can be dressed up or down, or even be part of an awesome halloween costume. I’m picturing a black full tule skirt underneath it and some fishnets… what do you think? 🙂

Now, let’s talk about that little hack I made…

HACK: Separate and Reversible Hood.

4 – Sleeveless, Binded neck & waistband

I love this sleeveles option, the angle of it so flattering!
I really lie that the fact that the pattern has biding instead of band. Bands are faster and easier but binding is, in my opnion, much prettier.

I used a textured knit I’ve been hoarding for a while, it’s like a build-in color block… so fun!

And talking about fun… The separate hood!

I used different fabrics and followed the instructions for the lined hood. To close at the bottom I just serged it because it doesn’t show when wearing it, but next time, if I’m feeling less lazy I’d leave a bit of the center seam open to hem the bottom and turn the hood and then close it by hand.

The shape of this hood is so good!
A hood usually gives a sporty touch to an outfit, but this one has a glamour feel to it doesn’t it?

Flip the hood around and now *poof* a different look to it! 😀
The hood was asking for some animal print and I was very happy to oblige.

So, I guess you know what’s coming next… yup, more leopard pring! 😉

5 – Short sleeves, binded neck and waistband

I don’t know why I waited so long to make a top like this. A simple silhouette with a leopard print is such a great staple to have.

Add the hood to it and I have a new favorite top!

This one had me feeling a bit extra… so I had a little fun with it. haha

And, of course, flipped the hood back to the dark side 😛

Revelry is seriously so amazing!
It can be basic and it can be extraordinary, it’s just a matter of mixing and matching options and if you throw the Mix It Up in the mix, the possibilities are endless!



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    1. The ultimate compliment! Thank you so much Pat!!! <3

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