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Sometimes we can overcomplicate things that start as a simple project, and by we I mean me!
“It’s me, I’m the problem… it’s me”

I’ve had this idea to make a backward Lotus Dolman ever since I laid my eyes on the pattern. I love the back detail but feel that having it on the back fits me better.

So, the idea was to simply reverse it, just wear it back to front.

Pretty easy, right?

When I mentioned the idea to Jess, it started growing and evolving… as it always does. lol

And just like that, it went from “wearing it backwards” to:

  • make the twist side all of lace;
  • add the yoke detail, also in lace

I was so excited about the vision and couldn’t wait to get it done!

One thing I’d planned to do from the get-go was to shorten the pattern.
No other reason than personal preference. I prefer my tops hitting right on top of the hip bone, so I shorted the pattern 2 inches.
I also shaved an inch of the yoke neckline so it wouldn’t be uncomfortably high on the front neck.

As soon as I draped it on Miss Lemon I knew that I wanted that V open. Might as well to all out, right?

But if I did leave it like this and had a lace yoke, there just wasn’t structure enough to hold the shoulders in place.

Solution: Add ties! I like the look of it and it solves my problem in one simple step.
We’re winning here!

And that’s when I hit a wall… the yoke!
I wasn’t loving it. It didn’t seem to sit right and no matter what I did or tried to adjust it, it wasn’t love.

Plus, the pattern neckline is hemmed down and this wasn’t possible with this web-like fabric I picked, so I’d need to use a band or binding to finish it and that would detract from the look I envisioned.

I’m a figure-out-as-you-go kinda gal, so sometimes the lack of forethought gets me into trouble haha

I’m not gonna lie… I got pretty frustrated with this one and was ready to throw in the towel. Maybe it was just not meant to be.

So I did something that it’s also atypical for me. I decided to sleep on it.
I usually like to start and finish my projects in one go because unfinished projects tend to become invisible as fast as the next day. The unfinished shirt dress laying behind my sewing machine for the past 3-4 months is a witness to that! lol

Well, first thing the next morning inspiration hit and I grabbed a coffee and my trusty seam ripper and completely removed the yoke. I had to remove a bit of the shoulder piece from the back panels (pattern front, my top back) to make them match the lack of yoke, but that was an easy fix and because of the ties, that wasn’t an issue qua fit.

Finished the neckline with a knit bias tape and VICTORY WAS MINE!!
I’m so happy with how the top turned out and think it was 100% worth the hassle. Could I have made it easier on myself if I’d taken the time to plan things properly? Absolutely!
Will that teach me to not start projects impulsively and just go for it? Probably not… lol

I think the back is so cute paired with a simple cami.
It’s a mullet top with the party on the back! haha

I also like the lace back without a top underneath, but for that, the white front isn’t very practical…

I don’t need support and don’t mind going braless for a good cause, but can’t have it be see-through as well haha. But in all honesty, I think that the cami adds to the charm of this one! What do you think?
Cami or bareback?

Next time I’ll incorporate the Vneck to the front by adjusting the pattern piece to be cut on the fold.

But for now, I’m glad I didn’t give up on the top and even though I don’t have the lace yoke I wanted I still have a top that I love.

If you’d like to try this hack as well, here’s the link to the pattern:

LOTUS BLOSSOM TOP – Love Notions Patterns

And as I haven’t made one as per pattern yet, here’s my sewbestie Jess rocking hers!

xxx, Livia

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