Absolutelly STELLAR!

Stellar – George + Ginger

Yup, Kristi did it AGAIN!

Stellar is the third built-in pattern on the George+Ginger website and it may be my favorite to date!
It features the same shorts/bodysuit as the Solar and Lunar, but with a strappy back that is so cute and perfect for summer!

The Stellar Romper is a sweet and simple all-in-one design–featuring a built-in shelf bra and attached shorts for maximum support, booty coverage and overall comfort on the go!

These built-in patterns are so great, not only for the design itself but also for how customizable they are.
If you’re not a romper fan, you can easily make the shorts as separates.

In the past, I’ve hacked these patterns in multiple ways.

  • Dress without shorts;
  • Top length;
  • Shorts as a stand-alone (LOVE the fit of those and the no center seams);
  • Lengthened the shorts to pants and made a jumpsuit;
  • Left the skirt out and made it as a playsuit;
  • Made it maxi length;

All these are super simple modifications that require no expert knowledge. But before we get into hacks, let me show you mine as-drafted Stellar.

It’s such a cute silhouette!

I used cotton lycra for this one and love the result!
Even though the bodice has an open back, the front bodice feels very secure.

The straps are really comfortable and perfectly positioned.
My back skirt has a center seam because I overestimated how much fabric I had before I started cutting it, but on the pattern, both skirt panels are cut on the fold.

The pocket is just as fab as the Solar and Lunar ones, it fits big phones without any issues.
One thing to consider when making the pocket is fabric choice. If you intend to carry more than your id/credit card/cash in it, make sure you don’t use lightweight fabric otherwise it will sag and no one wants saggy pockets. haha

Mandatory peekaboo shots! LOL
I feel this takes the “it has pockets” thing to another level… It has shorts WITH pockets!!! 😀

Before I show you the hack I made for this one, how about a side-by-side comparison of Solar, Lunar and Stellar?

I love how each of these gives off a different vibe!
If you looking for a cute workout/sports dress, I’d go for Solar, if looking for cute and flirty Lunar is your pick, and if your goal is a fun-in-the-sun type of dress, Stellar is for you.

That being said… they are all fab and I can pretty much see them being perfect for any occasion!

My next plan of action is to mix and match these 3 to get even more variations!
So much fun to be had 😀

And talking about fun…

Ta-da!! Stellar in maxi length. I’m OBSESSED!
All I did was lengthen the skirt.
(I had to make it a little less wide at the bottom so I could cut on the fold)

I used a drapey knit as the main and a heavyweight ponte for the bodice lining so I could have stability, and eliminated the shorts altogether.

But wait.
There’s MORE:

I made it as separates!

  • Doubled the waistband height and hemmed the bottom for the top;
  • Added a wide elastic to the skirt waist using the flip method (without casing).
    Make sure to account for the extra length needed when cutting.

That’s it. Easy peasy!

Oh, one more little “hack”… I used lingerie elastic for my straps because when I was cutting the dress I couldn’t find the white CL I wanted to use for the binding.

I like the way it turned out and it’s easier/faster, but I do prefer the binding straps best.

I love that I can wear the top and skirt separately and still have that faux dress look when I want to.

The bonus of the maxi is that I can still wear it when the weather is nice and sunny but not exactly warm, like yesterday. We went out to dinner and the sunny weather was begging for a cute dress. We’re finally getting to the point where we can ditch the sweaters for a while. Not quite completely yet, but getting there!

So here it is in the wild, paired with a jean jacket and sneakers.

I’m thinking of making a maxi with the shorts attached and a side-seam opening for pocket access. What do you think?


or a ONE-STOP-SHOP link to all the G+G build-in patterns 😉

xxx, Livia

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