Starting 2023 with a BOOST!

The Boost Top – George+Ginger

I’m a bit late, but… HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3

2022 couldn’t end soon enough and I’m glad for a start of a new year.
I mentioned in my Roxie Stockings post that I’d been sick, I got the flu at the beginning of December and it completely knocked me down. Well, apparently 2022 wasn’t done with me yet because for Christmas I got a positive Covid test. It was not a fun month and I spent the holidays in isolation and feeling miserable.

I’m slowly but surely getting my creative mojo back and am excited about all that 2023 will bring.

And what better way than to start it with a BOOST?

I’m so happy with this release. It’s a pattern that has been in the planning for a while and I’m so glad Kristi brought it back from the archive.

The Boost Top is a sexy peekaboo-style top!  Perfectly unique with a vertical “strap” look and high collar.  Choose from short, 3/4 and long sleeve options!

I love the cage-like style and how cool it looks in different fabrics. I opted for pleather so I could live my Trinity (The Matrix) wardrobe fantasy for a little bit. haha

I once wrote a post for the Made for Mermaids blog about how some movie wardrobes left a distinguished mark on my brain and when I was younger I had low self-esteem and didn’t dare wear any of the outfits I admired.

Now, 45yo Livia doesn’t care anymore and a Trinity-inspired top is a must-have! lol

That’s what I love about G+G patterns, Kristi is always willing to go outside of the norm and some extra spice to her designs. I know they’re not for everyone, and that’s ok. I love new styles and the new sewing techniques I learn making them.

I’m thinking of making a Seether Skirt in a matt black fabric to wear with this top… It would tone it down a bit for regular wear and still keep the badassery. What do you think?

Check out the listing to see how this pattern turns out in other fabric bases, they’re all amazing!

THE BOOST TOP – George+Ginger

xxx, Livia

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