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Time for a Time Out! (or 8)

Time Out Tank – Pattern Emporium

As a mom of 14yo twins who’s been in lockdown since last year, a time out sounds like the most beautiful music to my ears. Being alone… what’s that again?
Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon.

BUT I can sew as many Time Out Tanks as my heart desires and that helps to make up for it. lol

The newest pattern from Pattern Emporium is, in my opinion, the epitome of a wardrobe staple. A cut-away tank, semi-fitted with a classic crew neckline, and a gorgeous wide binding finish.

PE patterns usually com with a ton of options, but this one is the first of a new line Kate is calling Moments.

Moments is a new mini range of patterns. They will generally be little one-off styles that we see as strong, lasting or fun trends and need to have in our wardrobes right now. Most of the time they’ll sit at a slightly lower price point.

I love that!
And I LOVE the Time Out.

As the pattern and silhouette are pretty straight forward we can dive straight into what I made. So far I have 4 as per pattern and 4 hacked versions. Because of the basic silhouette, it’s super easy and fun to play with it.

A few notes before I start:

  • All tanks are size 12 graded to 18, except for the cropped ones. Those are a straight size 12.
  • I’m 5’10” but prefer the regular length on me, only have 1 tank made with the tall length.
  • yes, the pattern uses binding. But there’s no need to fear it 😉 Kate has awesome instructions and a great video explaining it all. You’ll be a binding expert in no time!


  • Multisize 12 to 18
  • Regular length
  • Fabric is jersey pique, I believe it’s similar to bullet knit or liverpool (we don’t have those here), from Driessen.

I paired this one with my Sashay culotte and it’s the perfect lounge wear disguise into put together clothes. What’s not to love?

  • Multisize 12-18
  • Tall length
  • Cotton lyrca panel from Driessen Stoffen (not available anymore)

There’s something so soothing and satisfying about a binding finish… I just love it.
I forgot to mention above that if you prefer bands, the pattern includes instructions to modify the pattern to use bands instead of binding. Yay for options!

Also, what do you think of my panda?
Quirky and cute, or do you agree with my kids and think it’s the ugliest thing on earth? lol

  • multisize 12-18
  • regular length
  • scuba crepe from a local shop that is no longer in business

For this one I upcycled an older make of mine that didn’t fit me anymore. I really loved my Magnolia top but my body changed and it didn’t look right on me anymore and I couldn’t just get rid of it. So I gave it a new life and will keep on loving it.

I paired this one with one of my PE makes, the My Embrace Cardi. They were just made for one another <3

I’m pretty sure this will be my go-to outfit as soon as weather allows (and going outside goes back to being a thing!).

This next one is a double make. I made a sleepy set by pairing the Time Out with the Sashay shorts.

  • multisize 12-18 for both tank and shorts;
  • regular length tank;
  • shorts were cut on the swim option, hemmed, with foxy pockets
  • Cotton Lycra from Driessen (not available anymore)

So cute and comfy! I need to make a cozy my embrace to pair with it, how awesome would that be?

Ok. These were my as per pattern tanks.
Now let’s talk hacks!


As I’ve said… a fun one to play with!

Hood + Kangaroo Pocket

  • multisize 12-18
  • regular length
  • scuba crepe from Driessen
  • Hood from the Yours Truly pattern
  • Kangaroo Pocket from the Unwind add-on

As soon as I saw this pattern this was the first hack/mash that came to my mind and I love how it turned out.

Crop top with facing finish

  • straight size 12
  • cropped (cut at the adjustment line)
  • fabric is a jersey from Driessen

As this fabric is light and airy I decided to give a facing finish a go. I’m ecstatci about how it turned out!

Here’s a photo of how I made the facing on the inside.

I didn’t any elastic to the seams but depending on your fabric you may want to do so to help stabilize the seams.

The next hack is also along these lines, I eliminated the binding again and used picot elastic as a finish.


Tank is paired with the Palazzo Pants.
  • multisize 12-18
  • regular length
  • heavy ponte from Driessen (this particular ponte isn’t available anymore)

This fabric is on the thicker side and I tought that the binding would be too stiff on it so I opeted for picot elastic instead. I really love the effect of it. I have a really lightweight flimsy rayon knit that I want to make a Time Out out of as a layering piece, I’ll probably also use picot elastic to finish that one as well.

Final hack (for now) is a cute one.


  • straight size 12
  • cropped
  • rounded hem
  • added ruching detain to side seam
  • rib knit scrap that I had from previous projects, it’s been in my stash for so long I have no clue where it came from.

This one took a turn in the middle of my sewing process but I’m happy with how it turned out.
I planned on making it a straight hem long crop but overestimated the size of my scrap piece for this fabric. I already had the front panel cut but was a corner short for the back panel. So I adjusted the plan and cut them both with a rounded hem!

The next step was to add tunnels to the side seams and insert a ribbon through it so I could creat a ruching effect.

I thinkt it turned out pretty cute and it’s perfect to pair with my palazzo pants. I really enjoy the crop top + high waisted bottoms.

I still have so many ideas, I’ll have to try and get some more time out to make more Time Outs soon! <3

If you’d like to add this awesome tank to your pattern arsenal, here a link:


The other PE patterns used on this post were:


*this post contains affiliate links

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  1. Robbie Hutchins says:

    The twins must have gone mad as a result of being in lockdown for so long Livia. Your Panda version of the Time Out Tank is definitely quirky and cute and my absolute favourite 🤩🥰🐼🐶 Considering how awesome the other seven versions are, that’s a pretty big call. I think it’s the complimentary floral on the back and bindings that just takes it to the next level. I want one 😂

    1. admin says:

      Haha Good to know! Definitely showing them this lol
      Thank you, Robbie! <3

  2. Renae Hall says:

    I love looking at all of your creations and sews. I cannot believe you have 14 year old twins! Wow!! Would love to keep watching everything you make for inspiration!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Renae, thank you so much! <3

  3. My favorite is the one with the facing. Super chic!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Adrienne!
      I really love that one too 😀 <3

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